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working on commissions! can finally focus the whole day >:3c!!!!!! chill stream!
twitch streaming! by harukatsune
twitch streaming!
working on commissions! can finally focus the whole day >:3c!!!!!! chill stream!
back from moving!! working on commissions all day ♥ feel free to stop by!
wowie i have some content to stream! gonna doodle a bit then work on commissions!


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Tue Jul 9, 2013, 6:45 PM
Top Bird

hi guys~ o/ i've actually been back from AX since saturday night, but i've been too tired to post a recap journal. it was my first year getting somewhat of a real experience selling at AX, and i feel really motivated to sell for real next year! but i will definitely sell AX2014. i will be selling original art and kpop merch. there'll be prints, sticker sheets, acrylic charms, and possibly an artbook (a really small one tho)! it's pmuch already decided, but i'll be tabling with :iconoceantann: next year. i hope i can see you guys next year as well! ♥

first of all, thank you to everyone who stopped by and said hi! the ones that came by i just.. wow you guys made AX2013 the highlight of my year. if it wasn't for you guys, i wouldn't of had as much fun as i thought. i wish i had your guys' names written down so i could put direct icon links, so if you stopped by, i'll be sure to put your icons here (but i think my premium's running out real soon so idk if i would be able to edit this journal tomorrow w/o the pics showing up).

DAY 1!
k so that line for pre-registration......... it made me not want to go to AX omfg. basically, it wrapped around almost the entire building 10 times. i'll draw a diagram to show you my pain.
 photo crying_zpsab940731.jpg
it took 3, almost 4 hours, to finish. and when we reached the end of the line, some people said the line got even longer and it went passed the convention and near the nokia theatre, which was kinda close by? but not close enough.... wow. AX increased in size drastically.
the diagram's lines aren't quite exact, but all i know is that it took around 20 minutes for go through one line. the huge glob of lines in that left area had around 10 layers of lines, so that was hectic. it was hot af and i was just.. glad i had an umbrella. oh and here's my OOTD:
 photo 2013-07-04082723-1_zps967709a1.jpg

when i got inside it was i think.. 1pm? and i just went straight into the artist alley cus i needed to buy stuff from my favorite artists before they sell out. day 1 (thursday) was the money-spending day because the other two days i was going to sell, so i needed to get my stuff that day. i met a lot of my favorite artists at AX so i was really happy ;////////;♥ i'll put the haul at the end of the journal!

during the first day, my dad took pics with me and some cosplayers JFC THE COLOSSAL TITAN IS MY FAVE OMG.
 photo ResizedImage_1372974259357_zpsaf8ec03f.jpg  photo ResizedImage_1372974140179_zps32a39989.jpg  photo ResizedImage_1372981247956_zpsf35859c6.jpg

before the exhibit hall closed, i went to meet up with oshan at her table. then we ditched AX and went to little tokyo to eat/shop *p*/// we bought so much CRAPPPP. omfg. my money-- she surprised me with this rly adorable alpacasso plushie! we have matching ones///// eee i love my bb. ♥
 photo 2013-07-09174314_zps81bc576d.jpg
we went to eat at this chinese cuisine place. omfg so we all ordered water, but it didn't come even after we got our meals. and ichi (oshan's bf) got his appetizer //after// his meal. i was laughing so hard oMG. my dad later realized that it was self-serve water, but they could have told us that when we ordered water the first time B( whatevs. oshan, my dad, and i all got the same thing except ichi. LOL it was rly good////
 photo 2013-07-04201708_zpsdab84973.jpg

after that, we headed to the hotel and knocked out omg. idk what to even say after that. oh i got a lot of people in my 3DS tho LMAO

DAY 2!
day 2 was our first selling day! oshan and ichi went ahead to AA before it opened to set up and i wandered by myself playing AC and collecting streetpasses on my 3DS. here's my OOTD:
 photo 2013-07-05082245_zps023a08d5.jpg

so day 2 marked the first time i've ever been hit on by a random stranger and it scared the living fucks out of me. i kid u not. i was sitting in the west hallway playing AC waiting for 30 minutes until the exhibit hall opened up. and this...... guy. just randomly went up to me and was like "hi i don't mean to bother you, but i think i saw you yesterday (twice) and i saw you again today! and i just wanted to say you're really pretty, etc." and i originally thought he was a fan from DA/tumblr/twitter or somethin' cus i tweeted my location so u guys could find me somewhere:
 photo 2013-07-05092214_zps2f992952.jpg
and at first i was like aw this person's rly nice saying i'm cute. but then he was just.. rly forward? and imo kinda blunt and said things that should not be said for first-impressions. he said stuff like how he's always wanted an asian girlfriend and that he wanted to get to know me better so we can be friends and maybe even more than that. aND RIGHT WHEN HE SAID THAT I WAS LIKE FUCK? u don't say shit like that. so he sat down next to me and talked away. he was a nice person, but way too forward and idk.. he kept bluntly hinting that he wanted to date me or some asian girl. and i really don't like people who are picky about a specific type? and he kept saying stuff like, "asians don't like dating me because i'm /insert race/ and they're always picky-" excuse me ur the picky one hello???? ugh but i was being nice and didn't say anything. and he offered to walk me to the AA so i accepted his offer. but on the way he was like "so can i have your phone number?" and i declined cus wow i just met you?? but i just said that i had no way of communicating that way (even tho i do omg sry). and then he asked about facebook/email/etc, so i gave him my facebook but i have no intentions of accepting it. i feel bad, but i just don't feel comfortable with people like that.
so he later asked me if i wanted to hang out tomorrow/day after that, but i told him i was selling and i was leaving on sunday. but he offered to have dinner at little tokyo, but i said i was going to be busy with oshan. omg rly persistent?
we made it to oshan's table and i took oshan to the bathroom to explain everything so when we got back to the table i just told him i had to work so i'll talk to him later(?) and he left. i only saw him once after, but it was just a wave. i was just glad that was over with;;

k so on the first selling day, that's when i met a lot of my fans///// the first one came by and her mom asked if i could take a picture with her daughter. i was rly confused tbh like wat LMAO. so i took a pic and then when i got back to my seat i was like WAIT. IS SHE MY FAN......... SO I WAS LIKE WAIT ARE U MY FAN FLASKJDA //EMBARRASSED AF. and she was like yea so i was all "omfg crap i'm rly dumb" so i gave her one of my signed print/sticker things of haruka and yeaa ;////; rly cute omg. thank you for coming! ♥
the other fan that came was yehjeaner! she came last year too so i was happy to see her again. she was so nice omfg she gave me and oshan drawings of us! i was screaming jfc i was rly happy wow. eee thank you again! it was so nice meeting you~
 photo 2013-07-05135030_zps0cdd58d8.jpg
and another than that came was the cutest thiNG OH MY GOD. she is a fan of both me and oshan and when she saw me she started freaking out and almost started crying and was hyperventilating CUTEST THING. and she kept going on about how we inspire hher and i was rly moved ; v ;// wow it was really nice eeee/// and so we just talked for a bit until oshan came back from her break while i manned the table so she could meet oshan. thank you for stopping by btw!
i think those were the main ones that i remember. i also met a lot of people who like B1A4 so i was really happy omfg. but anyway, meeting a lot of my fans for the first time really made my day! it makes me really happy to know that people really enjoy my art and make the time to stop by at our table//// i hope to see you all and more next year!

after the exhibit hall closed, we went to little tokyo again to hang. i went on my first bus ride and my first taxi that day. LOL AKSLFDJA the scariest part of AX happened that night.
so it was around.. nine? and we were looking for a cab on the streets so we can go back to the hotel. but we took some wrong turns.. and ended up in the SKETCHIEST FREAKING PLACE YOU WOULD EVER IMAGINE ISTG. IT LOOKED LIKE WE WERE IN THE MOVIES OF GHETTO-VILLE. at first we saw a dark alley and i was like wow just like the movies. I RLY SHOULDN'T HAVE SAID THAT CUS WHEN I TURNED MY HEAD I SAW TONS OF TENTS PUT UP AND I REGRETTED EVERYTHING AT THAT MOMENT. so we kept walking and then we heard this lady laughing her ass off behind us. we assumed she was on crack. and she was like "WOW THAT'S SUCH A CUTE DRESS AHAHAHAHAH" referring to oshan cus she's cute af. and we were freaked out so we kept walking faster and then we hit a traffic light. AND THIS PLACE WAS THE SKETCHIEST THING EVER. diagonally, there was a little drug store with one shady-ass light post with no one under it. everyone else was underneath the darkness where the moonlight doesn't freakin' touch their skin. and everywhere else there were groups of shady people walking the streets of ghetto. and we were legit scared af. like, imagine these cosplaying geeks walking around with bags of money and food in the darkness surrounded by ghetto people high off of unknown substances. YEA.
so oshan told ichi to use my phone and call a cab and they rescued us in 5 minutes. FLAKFDJA WOW.

oh and before that hell, we took purikura♥
 photo purikura1_zpscc805af3.jpg
cutest thing ever omg.

when we got to the hotel, we cooked our food in the most complicated microwave ever. oh and oshan almost burned the hotel down cus the ramen caught on fire inside the microwave. ALFDKA

DAY 3!
today was the last day, and the hotel outlets weren't working so i couldn't take an OOTD of my outfit, but you can see it in this pic of me and my lover-- //HITHITT
 photo 2013-07-06135826_zpsad32448f.jpg
oshan opened up her commissions today so she got swamped so ichi got his seat back so he could cover for the both of us while she drew and i just.. wandered off. LMAO i met with my friend, judy, and we bought levi stuff and met up with her friends and wow they are the nicest people ;3; super funny and i felt like there wasn't an age gap at all. like they're all in college and i'm a senior in high school, but it didn't feel that way! rly nice. ♥ i watched them play the dirty version of apples to apples and it was the funniest thing ever. i hope to see them again next year! ♥

we later walked back to the hotel after we packed everything up and my dad and mom met up with us in the parking lot of the hotel. we went to little tokyo again, but i separated from oshan and ichi so they could do their own thing and i'd eat with my mom and my dad. ;3; wehh the parting was so sad but i'll see them again next year! i love youuuu ♥

yea idk i just ate udon LMAO
 photo 2013-07-06200545_zpsab6ec0f3.jpg

so here's the amazing haul:
 photo 2013-07-09173615_zps725c4576.jpg  photo 2013-07-09173809_zps93f7d8ae.jpg
i was really happy and excited to see most of my favorite artists at AX! some i was just.. too shy to say anything but next year maybe-- |D
:iconyuumei::iconkaze-hime::iconnaguri::iconminevi::iconjoodlez::iconkurot::iconsweetiemoon::iconhitsukuya::iconkissai::iconakimiya::iconrhymebox::iconaka-shiro::iconmorufin::iconcartoongirl7::iconmisdirecting::iconephri::iconyooani::iconshilin::iconkl-chan::icontoumin::icontwitchhhhh::iconnebokeru: + others who i can't remember some usernames right off the bat and are on tumblr, but it was nice seeing/talking to you guys! ;/////;

i really enjoyed myself this year, despite how tiring and scary it was. i am definitely prepping for AX2014 ASAP! i can't wait to see you all + more again! ♥

--haruka :heart:

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